Good Health for Senior Citizens


As Senior Citizens, we need to understand that sound mind lives in a sound body. Health is essential for all our activities of life whatever we may be – a doctor, a leader, an artist etc., we must possess health by all means.

Our greatest happiness does not depend on the condition of life in which chance has placed us, but is always the result of a good conscience, good health, occupation, and freedom in all just pursuits - Thomas Jefferson.

Good health is the secret of every happy senior citizen. Everyone needs to focus on their health and participate in activities worthy of keeping them healthy.

5 Value of Exercise to the good health of Senior Citizens

  • Exercise imparts endurance as performing daily task of physical activity will make your heart, lungs as well as circularity system fit.
  • Exercise makes your body flexible as with regular reaching, stretching moreover with bending. It keeps your muscles relaxed plus joint mobile.
  • It leads to cardiovascular plus aerobic conditioning. Heart failure is the leading cause of death in humans. Bad eating habits and no exercise make your heart sick. Aerobic exercise with a healthy diet can make your health all fit and beautiful.
  • It maintains core stability, strengthens human muscles which are present over spine as well as abdomen and pelvic floor. Such muscles control posture, balance along with efficiency/power that is required by the body.
  • Exercise is also effective in gaining strength and improving body posture.


  • PHYSICAL STABILITY – As a senior citizen, you should endeavor to maintain physical stability in all ways. It is vital for the good health, the regular morning walk and exercise will give you proper physical stability. Waling exercise is one of the best form of better health. Senior citizens should prefer it regularly because it is very beneficial to the health. Mae this a daily practice, it thus help maintain body fitness.
  • DRINK SUFFICIENT WATER – You must learn to drink everyday plenty of water for good health, because it is a matter of great concern for maintaining the health. It is one of the best ways to take care of one’s health, because it reduces the risk of infection, keeps skin healthy, reduces the risk of heart attack, burns body fat and also regulates the body temperature.
  • RELAXABLE SLEEP – As a senior Citizen, it is always good to take the relaxable sleep, it helps to remove the stress from the mind and give rest to the body system. It is very vital for the health and fresh mind, you are advised to make this a habit as a senior citizen.
  • PROPER NUTRITION – To enjoy healthy living as a senior citizen, Proper nutrition is essential. When people eat good food, they will get the proper nutrition and this is very useful for the health.
  • HEALTH CHECKUP – Health checkup for senior citizen is also very important. Senior citizens should be aware of their health and learn from experts about their development regarding their vital signs, if you are active and healthy as a senior citizen, you can be shining example to others and teach them how to achieve vibrant health.

Good Health is important because a man with good health can enjoy great happiness during his life time. Without health we cannot do anything in this world. A man suffering from fever remains confined to bed. He cannot get out of doors, he cannot do anything for anybody.

Health is more valuable than wealth. Even a poor person with good health is happier than the rich person with poor health. Yes, health is wealth, unfortunately, very few people care about this ‘health.’ Instead, we spend sleepless days and night, running after material wealth forgetting that the first step to acquiring material wealth is to have good health as senior citizens.

God bless you all as you live and enjoy the fruits of your labour.



By Afolabi Babatunde

Senior Admin Officer

NNPC/DPR RSA, Lagos Branch.


Some health Tips for Senior Citizens

There are several tips out there on how to stay healthy even at old age or after retirement. These tips are expected to help an individual stay physically fit and emotionally balance and enjoy live to the fullest.

As a senior Citizen, you must try as much as possible to stay physically active by engaging in regular exercise, a ten minutes walk out daily will keep you healthy and refreshed. You can engage the services of a fitness coach who can from time to time advise and help monitor your fitness level and recommend some easy but routine exercise for you. Physical activity is good for people at any age. Falls are a common cause of injury and disability among older adults. Physical activity makes your bones and muscles stronger because when your muscles are strong, you are less likely to fall. If you do fall, strong bones are less likely to break.

Always find time to rest well every day. As a senior citizen, one very important thing you owe yourself is adequate sleep. Ensure you always get the sleep that your body system requires at all time, do not deny yourself of sleep where and when necessary.

Periodic routine checkup is very important. As a senior citizen, do notating before visiting the hospital for medical checkup. Don't neglect yourself, have a regular check-ups with your doctor, dentist, and optometrist frequently.

As Senior citizen, it is very imperative that you stay socially active with friends and family and within your community. Ensure you are a member of an approved community development team, be known in your community for your humanitarian activities, this will keep you relevant and happy, with great people around you.

Avoid self-medication, stay close with your personal doctor and ensure you take all medications as directed by your doctor.

You are a senior citizen, you need to limit your alcohol consumption and cut out smoking, as your body system is not strong for such again at this age. Instead, eat a healthy and well balanced diet. You can as well dump the junk food in place of low-fat, fiber rich and low cholesterol eating. Avoiding foods sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup. In middle age, we should eat foods as close to naturally prepared as possible.

Having a good feeling and Living a healthy life at any age of one’s life should not be as a result of years that have gone by. No matter the challenges or life threatening situations that may arise, we must learn to handle the situation such that our health and life will be better for it.  Staying healthy and keeping yourself always happy is an important antidote for living long. There is no doubt that the situation of the country including career, retirement, the lost of loved ones among others can come with some negative feelings but how we handle this ugly situations and come out better from it, is a strong key to staying agile and happy. There is no generally accepted formula for staying healthy as a senior citizen but there are some basic soul lifting and positive ingredients one can rely on to stay healthy.

Practicing healthy habits throughout your life is good, but it's never too late to reap the benefit that comes with taking good care of yourself, even as you get old. Practicing healthy lifestyle is a very ideal way of living, you cannot over emphasize the importance that comes with healthy living for senior citizen. It is very important to maintain good physical look and health while aging, it is also very imperative to value the experience and maturity you gain with advancing years.

gain with advancing years.

In conclusion, now is the time to enjoy healthy living and happiness.

Taking care of your physical self is vital, but it’s important that you concentrate your emotional health as well.

Reap the rewards of your long life, and enjoy each and every day.

God bless you all as you live and enjoy the fruits of your labour.


By Afolabi Babatunde

Senior Admin Officer

NNPC/DPR RSA, Lagos Branch.