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Analyzing Business ideas and openings for Retired Staff of NNPC/DPR

By virtue of being a retired staff of NNPC/DPR you are a senior citizen and a bundle of talent. Then you should start considering ways to make additional income and avoid being idle. Public speaking in form of public lecture presentation or training is a lucrative ground to consider, your deeper knowledge in the industry allows you to share your ideas and knowledge with the younger generation, while doing this you are engaged and possibly getting paid in return. You can also consider sharing tips in form of public writings or book writing. Here you can share life journey, experiences and things you have learnt over the long period of your working career, your writing can also include advice to young ones on leadership, parenting tips, choosing a career path etc. Another alternative is to become a freelance writer, you could make money from writing web content, copywriting or guest blogging. Also related to this is to set up a school or become a part-time or full-time teacher depending on how much time you have got to spare. You could even start an after-school tutoring business for school children, you might also engage some few hands.

In a fast growing economy like ours, experience is usually very important. Retired staff of NNPC/DPR can go into consulting in large scale. You can offer your services as a business consultant to Private or government owned business establishments. Your experience in NNPC is enough to equip you with tricks of the business that you can teach people. You can also by so doing help younger generation with some relevant business ideas.

AS a senior citizen of Nigeria, you can decide to focus on major area of training; this can come in form of coaching Centre. Pick a certain area of concentration like Life coach, marital training, business coaching etc. Any or all of these will most definitely keep you busy and earn you extra income. Have you also consider Pet and babysitting. It is interesting to know that Children and pet loves being around elderly persons. I will therefore recommend strongly that you set up a baby and/or pet sitting school. It is very much lucrative and rewarding, it might however require hiring extra hand.

Let us also look at Property management and other related services. You can start this by helping neighbor, friends and colleagues to rent or lease their vacant properties, you could also invest your retirement savings into building or buying houses for resale. You could also set up a bed and breakfast hotel. Here, you do not necessarily need to purchase a property or have millions in your savings, if you have a room or two in your home that is currently vacant, all you need do is to convert it to a suitable space where visitors can pay to relax and spend a night. Again, this is a business that can be done conveniently from home.

Depending on where your SBUs was while in service, those that retired in Operation, Account/Finance, Admin etc can set up a consultancy service to helping Gas station, filling station or other related business to run well the business, since you retired and learnt from the apex body in the industry.

Cooking/catering and Event planning is also very lucrative, of course, there would be a lot of recipes the younger generation could learn from you.

There is no one best solution to how to escape being idle or out of cash dilemma, but one thing is certain, venturing into any of the above wisely will guarantee you a lively living and an extra income. 

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